Terry County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 29, 2002
Author: Bob Packard

I parked at the Cochran-Yoakum county line on TX 1780. I decided to hike east just south of that line. This turned out to be a lucky decision because I immediately picked up a road (sandy tracks) running straight as a die about 100 feet south of the line. Walked it until I got to its intersection with the north-south road (also sandy tracks) just southeast of the 4-corner at (33° 23.251' N, 102° 35.645' W). Found the 4-corner monument exactly where map indicates at (33° 23.294' N, 102° 35.684' W). This latter reading was taken with the GPS sitting on top of the 5-foot cement monument on a circular marker with N, S, E, W indicated on it and the words "county corner" and "penalty for removal" or words to that effect. The east-west road parallels not only the county line, but also a CO2 gas line indicated by signs along the road placed at regular intervals. Both east-west and north-south roads had fresh vehicle tracks. Hunters? I consider the monument (3602) to be the COHP.

It took only a minute to walk up to the 3610 area in Cochran County to the northwest as the land rises more sharply from the monument to the north and west.