Tom Green County Highpoint Trip Report

Dates: May 24 and 25, 2007
Author: Bob Packard

See David Olsonís report for a partial sumamry. David was with someone and they didn't have a GPS which is a must for this county. There are 2 county lines crossed by TX 163 north of Barnhart as Tom Green has a long narrow (between 1 and 2 miles wide) arm stuck in between Irion and Sterling Counties. The road David mentions is just south of the Tom Green - Sterling County line (the northern one of the 2).

As they did, I drove in to the southern area with the tall radio tower. I did a loop hike in the contour area, the radio tower being fairly close to the center. As I drove back, I came to an intersection at (31° 32.925' N, 101° 2.277' W). I turned right and drove northeast and east to a locked gate at (31° 33.018' N, 101° 1.925' W). This is in the eastern contour area. I jumped the gate and walked full length of that contour area along a road which goes right along its backbone.

To get to the middle northern area with the windmill, use the road showing on the USGS map going past Gravel Pit. I agree with David on the placement of the HP of that area.

To do the western area, I just followed my GPS. It's very flat and I walked a loop in the area. Rather unpleasant, too, with thick prickly pear. This took care of the 4 eastern areas on May 24.

To get to the 2 western areas, one needs to get to CR 2600 off RD 33 off TX 137 north of Big Lake. I drove this CR 2600 to near the end of pavement and parked near a pump jack at (31° 33.184' N, 101° 17.070' W). I followed utility poles straight east for 2.5 miles and when they headed northeast. I bushwhacked and followed roads to the south area and did a loop hike around in it, with heavy use of GPS.

I then found a road (for once, something corresponding to the map) going north to the northern area. Did loop hike out in there, too. There is a lot of activity out in this area by Chevron and I had 5 Chevron trucks stop by me and ask if I was OK. All the Chevron people seemed friendly and not too perturbed that I was out there. One of them told me the best way to get back to my camper. Near the Tom Green - Sterling County line, the road heading north that I had been on comes to an intersection with a road heading straight west to the end of pavement of CR 2600! I walked this road east but left it when I came to the place where I had left the utility poles and took THEM back to my camper. One could go to the end of pavement on CR 2600 and drive right on to the northern contour area and almost to the S contour area.

What took me 5.5 hours and 11 miles of walking would be almost trivial (except you need GPS to figure out where you are). I hadn't been back at my camper more than 5 minutes when 2 sheriff deputies drove up and gave me a scolding. I had been reported, perhaps by one of the Chevron people. They told me to get out of there before Cal Suggs showed up as he would likely want to press charges for trespassing. Needless to say, I got out of there.

All areas are 2600+ feet.