Travis County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 27, 2001
Author: Lou Catozzi

As far as I could determine from topo maps of the area and from the Andy Martin's list of the 254 TX County highpoints the HP for Travis County is a small hilltop off of Hamilton Pool Road west of the town of Bee Caves. There are several hilltops over 1,400 feet but this is the only one at 1,420+ ft. There is a paved private drive leading up the hill and a locked gate. However, there were no "No Trespassing" signs and the lock was very rusty so I parked the truck and proceeded on foot.

At the end of the drive was an old barn and a mobile home within sight of the top of the hill. I knocked but there was no answer so I followed a path around the trailer and up a short way to the obvious HP.

The hill is covered with 20 - 30 foot juniper trees except for the road and the immediate area around the buildings, so there were no views from the HP itself. However, the area around the HP had been cleared of all the lower branches so it was fairly open to move around. I took a GPS reading of (30 deg 18.034 min N, 98 deg 5.216 min W).

On the way back to the truck I had a good view of a neighboring hilltop to the west with some radio towers. The map lists this hill as 1416 feet and there was a road leading to it's peak just beyond where I had parked the truck. I thought I'd check it out as well, as there would be a good view of the County highpoint hill from there. This road was gated also but again no signs so I walked up the drive to the top and took a couple pictures of the surrounding area before returning to the truck.