Trinity County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: January 13, 2002
Author: Bill Jacobs

Andy Martin's book mentions three areas with the "spillover" phraseology tied to one area and thus implying an overlap between quads. I was unable to confirm this by reviewing the quads but extensive "topozone" research failed to yield an elusive third area so I went with the presumption there were only two areas to explore.

Getting to the two areas requires transit through some hunting fields. An awareness of hunting open seasons and the habits of hunters is in order. My observations have found they tend to stake out their quarry in the early morning hours and may return again at dusk. Midday is usually available for highpointers. The time of year that concerns me most is bow-and-arrow season - could there be a more inglorious way to die? Hunters are easy to spot. They drive to the hunting grounds in over-sized pick-ups, off-load the ATVs, and drive the remaining 100 yards to the hunting shelters. Orange is a suggested garb to avoid becoming a target, which may spook the game thus making you the only available target of an upset sportsman.

From Corrigan, along H59, travel west 9.9 miles on H287 to "county road" on the left, 0.2 mile after the county line. Another 0.9 mile brings you to a set of power lines running north and south, not shown on the topo. Park here and head north to the third set of power line poles. I judged the highest area to be inside the forest to the left of the second set of poles but to be certain went to the third set and entered the forest then backtracking through the forest to abeam the second set of poles.

The second area is another 1.1 miles along the dirt road, being careful at 0.6 mile to take the road less traveled to the right. This brings you out into an open area with another set of power lines, which are depicted on the topo maps. The road eventually crosses the high area however it's difficult to pinpoint the highest point. Much wandering about the hilltop was needed to ensure coverage.