Ward County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 10, 2001
Author Andy Martin

This county has 7 areas, but they are pretty close together, and can be picked up in one stroll. The road net has changed a bit since the topo maps were made and the terraserver.com air photos came in handy. We headed in from the south, off route 2355, on a road that zigzags north, west, north, then NW to the HP region. Luckily locked gates were no trouble until we were just about at the county top, and we parked very close to the northernmost area. A car could drive here. We picked up the 2 north areas, then headed over to Benchmark Dunn, which had a bit of a view to the south. A witness post helped locate the BM. The terrain is very flat on top, navigate carefully, or bring GPS. We then headed east to the last 4 areas. The big one is easy to get inside, but the 3 dinky ones are tough to spot in the field - hopefully we traversed them on the way back to the car. Cross country travel was fairly level, through Creosote bushes, much nicer than the miserable mini sand dunes and cat claw bushes of Loving county.