Wilbarger County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 19, 2003
Author: Scott Surgent

From US-287 just west of the Wilbarger-Hardeman county line (and about 2 miles east of the town of Chillicothe), turn south onto FM-925. This road actual heads south-southeast and makes two slight "adjustments", in order, I presume, to stay in alignment with the sections. At the second bend, less than 3 miles from US-287, turn right (west) onto a dirt road. I drove in just a few hundred feet and parked underneath a power line, as shown on the map.

Walk north into the low brush, using game paths to wend through the brush. Shortly come into a small field. The first highpoint area is to the right and is marked by a hunter's stand. There is a dirt road that leads over this area. I could not tell whether the small hill on which the stand sat was natural, but I hiked to it anyway. Another, more "natural" area, is nearby off the road a tiny bit.

The second distinct area is easily reached by hiking back into the field, then up a small thicket of dog-hair trees with mercifully light underbrush. Some humps of land mark the top, but the trees prohibit comparing to the other area. If the hunter's stand in the first area sits on a natural hill, then that point is almost certainly the highpoint. Otherwise the two areas are pretty close. No gates, fences nor restrictive signs. There seems to be plans for the construction of a dairy in the field north of the highpoints in the future, or so said a sign in the area.