Winkler County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 27, 2002
Author: Bob Packard

Used Andy Martin's divided dirt highway east (in very bad shape from recent torrential rains with contorted dried areas and significant mud holes) to get to same locked gate that Andy reached. Instead of going back and using the aqueduct I decided to hoof the whole thing from the locked gate. Went out there and duplicated Andy's GPS readings at the two areas.

On the way back with two miles to go Billy Cole pulled up behind me in a semi-truck hauling water for a game tank. He was the owner of the land I was on, not the least bothered by my presence, gave me ride back. His telephone numbers are 915-827-3507 (ranch headquarters) and 915-557-3767 (cell). He said he'd be willing to come out and unlock the gate if someone asked and circumstances allowed it (not hunting season, for example). That would cut the 12 mile hike to 2. His ranch has 20,000 acres and he makes money from gas and oil rig royalties and guiding hunters. He told me that the sulfuric acid smell (see Andy's trip report) was from "reef" water, poisonous if consumed, but used heavily in connection with drilling and pumping oil and gas wells.

I hiked 10 miles in 3.25 hours.