Yoakum County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 29, 2002
Author: Bob Packard

Drove north on TX 769 along NM-TX state line to a point 5 miles north of Bronco. Turned right (east) on CR 120. At 3 miles, turned north and went 1.5 miles. The roads now becomes obliterated by cotton, peanut and sorgham fields. Drove through fields another 0.5 miles and parked in one of them.

Walked north through fields and remaining road sections to the Yoakum HP and Beall BM at (33° 22.132' N, 103° 0.100' W). The BM is a little further west than I felt was shown on the map and not at the highest point on the sand dune which seemed to me to be at the point on the map where the map indicated the BM. On the way back I saw that I could have driven all the way along edges of fields and sections of the road not yet plowed over. But this would not be obvious prior to inspection. Better to walk it I think.