Young County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 11, 2002
Author: John Garner

Young and Jack counties are near-two-fers, as they share the ridge of a small hill (approximately 250 feet high) that straddles the county line. The hp's appear to be a quarter to a half-mile apart with a small saddle in between. I attempted them from the north, from a gravel county road paralleling the hill. The hill is about a half mile south of the road, across a private ranch with a locked gate. The hill is clearly visible from the road, and there is a lookout tower of some sort visible at the top of the Young County side. The area in front of the hill is mostly open pasture and there is a house several hundred yards back from the road. This house had a vehicle in front of it, and the house has a full view of the entire approach. I don't care to get shot or arrested, so I gave up. I left a note on the gate asking for a call.