Young County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 14, 2002
Author: Bob Martin

This supplements John Garner's report of February 12, 2002.

The ranch mentioned is "Bottles and Wheels." The entrance is on Rooters Road, 2 1/2 miles west of FM1191. FM1191 can be reached by going west from Jacksboro on either US281 or US380.

I walked in to the ranch from the locked gate to ask permission. The ranch consists of an older home and some newer farm buildings. The only one home was a friendly horse. I asked him for permission to walk up those two hills and he nodded.

The road shown on the map between the two hills is just a washed out rocky track. From the saddle, there are nice trails through the brush to each hp. On the Young HP, there is a structure that looks like an old fire tower. Maybe it's now just a hunting blind.

My regret was that I didn't find any person home to ask about the history of the structure on the Young HP. The horse couldn't tell me.