Zavala County High Point Trip Report

Batesville Hill (956 ft)

Date: November 10, 2001
Author: Scott Surgent

an attempt

About 4 miles north of the town of Batesville on TX-117, Bateville Hill can be seen periodically through the brush, with minor prominence for these parts. Of course, it's all fenced and gated and I didn't have time to explore options. But I did notice a possible route (I apologize for the vague mileage numbers). At about 4 to 5 miles north of Batesville, the highway makes a very slight rise up and over a hill, and as it crests, it makes a dog-leg slightly to the west. On the topo this is marked as spot elevation 828, and a fence line is also noted on the map, extending nearly to Batesville Hill itself. It is possible one could hike along this fence line (it is clear of brush as far as I could see) about 2 miles to the hill. Something to consider for future highpointers in the area. Can't comment on whether this route goes by any residences.