Beaver County Highpoint Trip Report

Delano Peak (12,169 ft)

Date: July 30, 2004
Authors: Charlie and Diane Winger

Thanks to those who went before us (Darryl Montgomery/Dean Molen) and described this easy route to the highpoint.

We primarily used Dean Molen's approach. Drive 5.4 miles up FS Road 123 to a nifty parking spot located on the left side of the road in the trees. This spot is directly across from a yellow "Warning Cable Route" sign. Leave your vehicle and head uphill following the old jeep trail which Dean describes.

This approach makes for an easy 2 hour round trip up grassy slopes.

As described by Dean, the register bottles are jam packed. We were unable to remove the registers for viewing/sign in. The animals have begun to eat through the plastic bottles.