Box Elder County High Point Trip Report

Bull Mountain

Date: September 1, 2001
Author: Dale Millsap

In Box Elder County, I made two failed attempts to access the upper slopes from the northeast side. This is all private property. Then, I traveled west past Standrod and accessed the mountain from the northwest. Great access. The only private property to cross is on the ridge line, and there is an established public right-of-way through it. It was the bow hunt, so the mountain was busy. I saw three bucks and a doe together just west of the high point. I found two register bottles.

I wondered about another area to the south and a little west of the true high point, but my water-bottle level showed me that I was on the true HP. Nice drive-up, but I recommend something more versatile than a Chrysler Town & Country. My pictures at the summit area look like a car commercial.