Box Elder County High Point Trip Report

Bull Mountain (9,920+ ft)

Date: October 10, 2003
Authors: Ken Jones & Sons

We made good use of existing write-ups, but none had precise driving directions. I will attempt to provide them. Note that high clearance, and probably 4WD, are necessary to drive this one, though our rental Montero never had to be shifted from the AWD mode to high or low 4WD.

Leave Interstate 84 at Exit 5 in Utah (reset odometer to 0.0), and head west on Utah route 30. At 15.9 miles, continue straight ahead on Utah 42 (UT-30 is a left turn at this junction). At 25.7 miles (my notes are sloppy, and that could be 24.7) turn left onto signed road 3600 S, also signed for Naf and points west. DeLorme calls this Strevell Road. You leave the pavement here, but it is excellent gravel.

At 35.0 miles from the interstate, turn left (south) onto road 2000 E, then bear right (west) at 36.0 miles onto 3200 S. Pass by a few buildings, and at 37.0 miles turn left (south) again, signed "One Tree G.S." Pass the guard station spur at 41.5 and the signed Dipping Vat Spring, reaching a saddle at 43.0 miles. This is a 4-way intersection, and high clearance will be useful soon.

Turn left (south-southeast) and follow the main track (there are many ATV trails, too, but the main track is obvious) as it heads up the hill. Unfortunately, there don't seem to be road numbers here that match the map, so a map and a good sense of direction are helpful. When you reach the area labeled The Meadows on the topo (47.8 miles) you'll find the mapped road heading northeast is closed and impassable. Keep left just beyond (the right fork goes to George Peak) and soon head up toward the ridge. Bear left at 48.9 and reach the ridge road at 49.0, turning left toward your goal. There are a number of private parcels on the ridge, but the road is a public right-of-way. Continue to mile 51.5 and stroll north to Bull Mountain's summit.

My sightings confirmed that BM Dunn is lower, but feel free to pick it up as you drive by. While it appears to be on a private parcel, a state fish and game officer we met indicated that the road spur up to the building is open to the public. He also thought George Peak was higher, but I showed him the relative elevations on the Topo! software he had installed on his laptop.