Box Elder County Highpoint Trip Report

Bull Mountain (9,934 ft)

Date: July 26, 2004
Authors: Charlie and Diane Winger

This report gives driving directions from City of Rocks, ID National Reserve. City of Rocks NR is located south of Burley, ID.

From the Visitor's Center proceed south 0.6 mile on 825 East to the signed left turn to Yost (sign indicated it was 15 miles to Yost). This road is signed as 3100 South. Proceed east/southeast on 3100 South (the name changes as your proceed east/southeast). Continue 5.6 miles to the right turn on road 1375 East (also signed as Yost Road). The sign here indicates that it is 6.0 miles to Yost. At 3.3 miles cross Naf Road and continue south toward Yost. At 5.1 miles you will enter Utah (signed).

Proceed through Yost to the signed T-intersection. The sign points you to "One Mile GS and George Creek". Turn left at this intersection. Follow the road to a gravel pit at 0.9 mile. This feature is marked on the Forest Service map. At 3.4 miles this good gravel road turns to mixed rock and dirt and proceeds uphill. At 3.9 miles you will enter the Sawtooth National Forest (signed). At 4.4 miles you will reach a saddle. The road continues down hill from here. Turn right onto the forest service road located at the saddle. This is the saddle Ken Jones references when you approach this point from I-84. Bull Mountain is 8.4 to 8.5 miles distant from this point.

Follow the forest service road as it winds and climbs over toward the peak. Follow the line of least resistance. You will finally encounter the end of the Sawtooth NF and a "No Trespassing" sign. It is apparently legal to enter this area as long as you stay on the road.

Head toward the hill in the distance with the weather observation station on its top. This point is BM Dunn. You will pass below this hill and re-enter the national forest. Proceed less than 0.1 mile to a level area. The HP and summit register are located to your left. A cairn is visible from the road.

Warning: This is a remote peak. Make sure you have a good spare tire and the power to go up a few steep hills. Our Subaru Outback had trouble negotiating one hill and we slashed the side wall of a tire on a rock as we were heading back to Yost. We also encountered a severe storm while at the HP. The temperature dropped 35° F in a matter of minutes. Be prepared!