Box Elder County Highpoint Trip Report

Bull Mountain (9,934 ft)

Date: July 7, 2007
Author: Joseph B. Stanford

We drove 3.5 hours from Salt Lake City to the trailhead at Clear Creek Campground. It would have been 2.5 hours if there hadnít been any road construction in I-15. We hiked from the trail that starts at the end of Clear Creek Campground, signed at the beginning for Bull Flat. The description in High in Utah (Weibel/Miller) is accurate except that I would call it difficult, not moderate, in comparison to the Utah county high points as a whole. This is because of the bushwhacking and incessant deadfall-hopping. Wear long pants. Lots of wild flowers, lots of biting flies. In the Lake Fork Canyon, we climbed out early onto the plateau leading to the summit and missed the view of Bull Lake. A GPS was very helpful for route finding.

Prior to the hike, I entered the GPS coordinates for the peak from Dean Molen's description at . Upon nearing the top, we found that the actual peak was 0.44 mile away from these coordinates. The peak was otherwise as described by Dean Molen. With our Garmin GPS, we obtained the following coordinates for the peak: (41° 54.681' N, 113° 21.960' W).

We met some other hikers who had come up through Bull Canyon. We decided to try going down the ridge on the northwest side of Bull Canyon but a thunderstorm came in and, to get out of the lightning, we climbed into Bull Canyon and made our way down that canyon. It was very slow and difficult going even after the rain stopped, with slippery rocks, and dense forest and ubiquitous deadfall. Bottom line: don't hike through Bull Canyon; do Lake Fork Canyon.

Climb statistics: 4.2 miles up; 4.7 miles down by GPS.