Cache County High Point Trip Report

Naomi Peak

Date: August 11, 2002
Author: James Wedekind

We needed to head up to Logan for a conference so we decided to incorporate a hike into the trip. After browsing my Hike Utah book and the county HP book, we decided on Naomi Peak. It took a little longer than expected to get to Naomi Peak trailhead due to a lot of construction on the road up Logan Canyon. The construction crews had also taken down the roadside signs pointing the way to Tony Grove, so if that is still the case the turnoff is between mile markers 393 and 394. From there it is a seven-mile drive up to Tony Lake. Eventually we made it up to the old socialite hangout, and enjoyed the cool air and beautiful lake at the trailhead.

The hike was a rather uneventful 5.5 mile, 1800 foot elevation gain round trip. There is supposedly an inordinate amount of wildflowers along the beginning of the trail in early August, but we did not see the masses of flowers that were advertised. We did see some pretty flowers and the views from the peak into Logan are pretty cool. This was an easy hike that didn't challenge or motivate us to any large extent.