Cache County High Point Trip Report

Naomi Peak

Date: June 19, 2003
Author: Ben Knorr

I had gone more than 3/4 of the way up to Naomi Peak a couple weeks before, but was turned back when my father and I hit a steep snow field. He was getting beat, so we turned back. Excellent scenery and a lot of snow (not much trail about a mile up due to the snow).

On the 19th, I donated platelets, had lunch, then drove up (skipped work early) and did it with my brother. We didn't see a soul on the trail going up or down, just a lot of people at the lake near the parking lot. The snow was still present, but not nearly as much as the time before. We went up a snow field to the ridge then easily obtained the summit. Beautiful views all around. Very nice temp too, possibly due to the fact that we were up there near sunset. We glissaded a little on the way down, and were back at the car in a jiffy.

Nothing hard about this hike, and excellent scenery to boot. This hike also has a fair amount of shade as well, with some water along the way as well. I don't know why "High in Utah" reports the distance as 4 miles round trip, because we clocked it closer to 3.2 miles each way with my GPS. It didn't feel like 8 miles round trip in either case. There was a bulletin in the parking lot stating that the Forest Service will start charging $5 a car or something like that from July 3 and after. It makes sense since that place does get packed in the summer time, mostly around the lake and campground, not so much up near the mountain itself.