Davis County High Point Trip Report

Thurston Peak (9,706 ft)

Date: August 18, 1999
Author: Andy Martin

Thurston turned out to be pretty straightforward. Drive past Francis Peak to the end of the improved road shown on the quad (cars may be able to make half or more of this drive). From this spot there is a good trail to the saddle just south of Thurston, and then a fair use route to the top. A big rectangular granite block is placed here, in honor of Thomas Thurston. The brass plaque on this block is getting loose, and needs to be re-cemented before freezing water dislodges it. There is a great view to the west, as from Francis Peak, which has probably permanently manned radio facilities. Hang gliders were seen setting up on our drive out.

I calculated our vertical gain on Thurston at about 1,500', granting it "he man" status. "High in Utah" uses the simple subtraction, Thurston - Francis, to come up with a paltry 441 feet gain. This applies to angels who can hold the 9,265' Francis Peak elevation as they walk the ridge, but mortals like us find this impossible without jet packs :)