Duchesne County Highpoint Trip Report

Kings Peak

Dates: July 15-18, 2006
Author: Dave Covill

We secured the services of Ken Aimone, a horsepacker from Fort Bridger, Mountain View WY. The plan was for two of the party to ride in to beyond Dollar Lake on Saturday the 15th, then set out from there on Day 2. While the rest road or walked to Dollar Lake, Beckie & I, taking full advantage of the pack horses by filling up one of the mules' saddle bags with our heavy gear, hiked the Henrys Fork trail to near the main stream crossing bridge, then said good-bye to our friends and bushwhacked due east towards a break in the northern rampart of Gilbert [see trip report].

On Sunday the 17th, we accompanied the team to Kings and, in an epic, albeit slow-paced, 14 hour day, we got to the summit of Kings Peak. The walk out Monday was very nice, given that we only had on our day packs.

Met several other HP Club members on the trip, always a nice treat. A weekend prior, at Harney Peak in SD, we also saw several HPers.

Check out Sills Cafe in Mountain View, WY. Ridiculous portions, bargain prices. We had breakfast there Saturday, then lunch Monday. Sticky buns, similar to that found at L'Anse MI, was as big as a plate, dripping with buttery sugar sauce, $3. Cholesterol freaks, hide! Also, we ate dinner Friday in Lyman, east of Fort Bridger, at the Branding Iron, similar deal. I had a chicken fried steak that overlapped the edges of the plate; and the mashed potatoes with corn came on a second plate: $8. Gary had a huge steak for $12. The place abuts a nicer joint called Bon Ricos, where, apparently, they serve 24-36 oz steaks -- yikes! You need resevations most weekend nights at Bon Ricos.

This corner of the world serves up some serious grub, for cheap prices. Gas costs $2.69. We stayed at the Wagon Wheel Motel in Fort Bridger, nice rooms, great hosts, $55.