Emery County Highpoint Trip Report

East Mountain (10,743 ft)

Date: July 1, 2004
Authors: Charlie and Diane Winger

We followed Jennifer and Gerry Roach's directions to reach this highpoint. We're going to sneak a big rock into their packs!

You have your choice of the direct route up to the highpoint which involves a nasty bushwhack of approximately 2 miles and 1,623 feet without any views, or following a well-defined trail which involves a little more distance, has lovely views and is aesthetically more pleasing.

Should you desire to suffer as the Roachs and Wingers have done, follow the Roachs' description to a point where the off and on again fence ends at the barrier cliff. Turn left here and follow along the barrier cliff for approximately 10 minutes to reach the "weakness" described by Roaches. There is a cairn located at this point.

Wingers, having cursed the Roachs, decided to try out Edward Earl's route description on the descent. Miracle of miracles, an easy-to-follow trail exists just as Edward described in his write-up!

If we had to do it all again, here's what we'd do: Drive past the Indiana Creek Campground entrance until you reach a point where the road swings back to the right. There is a spring and fiberglass water tanks located at this spot. Park here. Follow the road/trail as it goes uphill as described by Edward Earl. The large anthill described by Earl does in fact appear to be the highpoint and someone has driven a large piece of rebar into the ground at this point and painted the top of it orange. Just in case, be sure to walk over to the highpoint cairns by the edge of cliff. Our thanks to Edward Earl!