Garfield County Highpoint Trip Report

Mount Ellen (11,522 ft)

Date: July 5, 2004
Authors: Charlie and Diane Winger

A short, enjoyable hike on a well-defined trail.

The road from the point where you turn off of U-95 to Lonesome Beaver campground contains some tedious, rough driving (10 mph). There weren't any "clearance" problems with the road; just a few steep sections and lots of small, rocky bumps. After Lonesome Beaver Campground it improves considerably all the way to the highpoint trailhead parking area.

If you are considering camping in this area, we can heartily recommend the Lonesome Beaver Campground. It is a small campground but has 3 very clean toilets and water pumps at almost every campsite. Camping fee was $4 when we were there. You usually have the entire campground to yourself. There had only been two other campers there over the entire 4th of July weekend.

Two hours should get you to the highpoint and back to your car. It took us about an hour to drive from the HP parking back to U-95.