Grand County High Point Trip Report

Mount Waas (12,331 ft)

Date: August 2, 1998
Author: Andy Martin

We enjoyed an excellent bush camp perhaps 400 feet northwest and downstream of Dons Lake. This was the finest campsite of the trip - lots of grass, well shaded, with stream and log bridges to play on.

Early in the morning I drove up to 10,800 feet in Beaver Basin. The 4WD came in handy for the rocks, though a well driven pick-up might make it. The first mile past Dons Lake seemed the roughest.

I hiked up a small valley to the 11,720 feet pass just west of Waas. I went up rocks just below the pass, but came down later on a grassy patch which was easier. A big snow bank was at the pass. This seemed a bit out of place after our recent broiling in Tucson, but we were to see lots of these snow patches in the UT high country. From the pass it is a rock hop to the top, made lots easier by a switchback use route.

Two BM found at top. Nice day to summit, a bit hazy, but good weather.