Grand County High Point Trip Report

Mount Waas

Date: September 2002
Author: Scott Casterlin

Aside from the other option from the south, the Miners Basin route is open now, despite the warning in "High In Utah" (HIU). Drive to a well-developed Forest Service (FS) trailhead in Miners Basin on FS road 65 from the La Sal Loop Road. Carefully-driven 2WD should have no problem.

Walk up the closed road, past some old buildings, to the high saddle northeast of the trailhead. You could also walk the marked Trans La Sal trail from the trailhead to the saddle. From the saddle, stay high on the old road, passing a trail and road going down to the left, then drop down to the left at the next road fork, passing the old shack pictured in HIU. The rest is as in the book.

Another hiker said the Miners Basin road was only closed for a bit in 1997, so the HIU-suggested route should not be necessary for this at all. It would be much longer and hotter.