Juab County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 2000
Author: Jobe Wymore

From Wendover, Nevada, on the main drag with all the casinos, hit your odometer once you reach the junction where ALT93 heads south. Drive 25.7 miles south on 93 to a signed junction stating Ibapah/Gold Hill/Partoun. Turn left on a paved road and follow for it another 16.5 to another signed junction, this time stating only Gold Hill. This sign is a small one so be on the lookout for it. Take a left again at this point and follow this excellent dirt road for 11.7 miles to the dead-center/4-way intersection of Gold Hill. From here you should be able to look over your left shoulder and see a sign that has mileage as well as a bit of history of the area. The sign tells you to make another left to Calleo and says that it is 22 miles away. I personally at around 23.4 miles got to a junction right by Calleo again on nice dirt roads passing a Juab County sign at 23.1 miles. From the signs continue south for another 10.1 reaching a signed Granite Creek Canyon turnoff on your right. Hang a right and head on up a still-excellent dirt road to a point where the road Y's 0.9 miles up it at another sign for Granite Creek Canyon. Hang a left and head on up the canyon. At this point the road becomes a bit less desirable but still passable in a 2wd vehicle/car. 2.8 miles from the "Y" you'll reach a stream crossing. Cars will probable have to stop here and 4wd can push on if your not worried about little scratches on your paint job. The road is narrow and overgrown in places and the trees and bushes like to reach out and leave their marks on your sides. At 0.8 miles from the stream there will be a road that drops down into the stream bottom again. Steep little drop. Make sure you hit this one or you're out for a lot longer hike than you need to. A little minor clearing is at this point on the left side of the road and while I was there a car was parked. Amazing to me that it had made it to this point. After dropping down into the stream continue on up the narrow little road for 0.7 miles to a nice little camping spot. You probably could continue farther and keep chopping distance off your hike if you had a 4wd that you just loved to beat but, I called it quits here and slogged on up.

Andy Martin mentioned a register on top but I found none. The mirror's still there and all the PVC piping. BM dated 1944 about 15 feet to the west of the main wind break with IBAPAH on it.