Kane County Highpoint Trip Report

liner near Andy Nelson Peak (10,027 feet)

Date: July 3, 2004
Authors: Charlie and Diane Winger

Drive east 4.3 miles on U-14 from the junction of U-14 and U-148 to the signed Deer Valley turnoff. Drive 1.5 miles up the Deer Valley road to its junction with FS 1642, which has recently been graded. Turn left on FS 1642 and proceed 0.9 mile to a point where FS 1642 starts to curve back to the left. Park here and walk for no more than 5 minutes to your right through a thick aspen grove where you will find the 2 foot high cairn described in other write-ups.

Note that at 0.4 mile up FS 1642, a newly graded road turns left to become FS 1646. DO NOT make this turn. Continue straight ahead on the narrower, signed Marathon Trail. You will shortly encounter a 4-way intersection. Continue straight ahead to the point where FS 1642 begins to curve left as described above.

Andy Martin reports the highpoint as NAD 27 UTM (338925 E, 4156529 N), and that was right on the mark according to our GPS.