Millard County High Point Trip Report

Mine Camp Peak (10,222 ft)

Date: June 3, 2002
Author: Scott Surgent

The Paiute ATV Trail (open to vehicles) runs a good distance north-south(ish) through the Pavant Range, with access roads coming in from below. This road gets within 2 miles of Mine Camp Peak, and a side road gets one even closer.

My first try was from US-50 northwest of Salina. I found Willow Creek Road just inside the Millard County Line sign. Followed Willow Creek Rd south 1 mile, then west into the mountains. I got about 15 miles in when a large rock in the road and heavy rain prompted me to turn back. I was still 10+ miles from Mine Camp.

My second try was from Richfield. I took some notes for a travel log: On Main Street in Richfield, find the Days Inn at the corner of 300 North, and turn west onto 300 North. Drive a short ways to the I-70 underpass. Zero the odometer.

0.0: I-70 underpass. Road turns to gravel.
0.3: Water Tank. Road continues to left, turns to hard pack.
1.2: FS Gate. Road is steep and sometimes rocky.
4.4: Junction, stay straight.
7.6: Junction, turn right onto Paiute ATV Trail.
11.0: Road gets rough. 4WD is nice to have.
13.7: Junction, turn right toward White Pine (Peak). Mine Camp Peak is visible as well.
15.3: Junction/Fork, turn left onto access road.
17.5: Cattle grate. Road starts down west side of range. Good place to park.

From here, Mine Camp is just across a small saddle. Drop 200 feet or so, then gain 400 feet up the other side amid aspen and mint brush to the highpoint. Note your junctions on the way out. For the most part, it is a decent road. I used 4WD at the very start when I thought it was going to be steep and rocky for a long time, but it improved pretty fast. From about mile 11 to about mile 13 the road is very rough. 2WD high clearance is the minimum requirement. A passenger car would be in trouble. I had intermittent rain and mud, so I had my truck in 4WD for much of the trip just for better handling.