Rich County High Point Trip Report

elevation 9,255 ft

Date: August 19, 1999
Author: Andy Martin

This peak was vital for my hi-lo-hi collection - it is the highest "runt" county in the US. "High in Utah" cheats it out of he-man status with their computed 9255 - 8322 = 933 gain. But wait - you have to drop at least 40' on the way to the summit if you follow the ATV trail, thus promoting Rich up to "he-man" quality (add 80 feet vertical to get 1013). This should apply to most passenger cars, they can easily drive to spot 8322, and most will then hike the ATV trail.

Of course, those blessed with 4wd can "de he-manize" Rich, and naturally I chose to do this :) The top of the hill is partly clear of trees, with a good view down to Bear Lake. A big cairn was found at the very top, along with Bob Packard's register of 1998. We did not spot any Idaho/Utah fence to the north of the cairn, and there is also no fence present at the hill bottom going across Swan Flat, though there is a small sign on the state line by the dirt road at this location.