Rich County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 2, 2000
Author: Ken Jones

On US Hwy. 89, go to virtual milepost 402.8 to a dirt road branching north, signed "Swan Flat Road". Follow this dirt road past a minor crossroads at 0.6 miles and switchbacks at 1.3 and 1.5 miles, to the county line on the crest of a ridge at 2.3 miles. Continue north. The road left at 2.7 miles (shown on the topo) is closed and overgrown. At 3.1 miles a possible ATV trail heads right at the saddle by point 8402' but this is posted as closed. Continue down the hill to 3.4 miles and the jeep trail shown on the map. Park. The road to this point is in fine condition for a normal 2WD car.

Follow the jeep trail down across the head of Garden City Canyon, and then very steeply up the slope. Where it finally levels out and heads south above 8900' continue until it leaves the trees, then turn left and head for the ridge crest (north of the minor cliff band). Turn left and pick your way to the summit. Bob Packard's small register and Andy's photocopied sheet were found on top. On the return, be careful not to get too far east.

Total trip is about 3 miles with 1000' of gain. Our round trip was just under 2 hours with a break on top.