Rich County High Point Trip Report

Bridger Peak

Date: July 21, 2001
Author: Dale Millsap

For the lowest county in Utah, this one's a good scramble. I carried my 3-yr-old on my shoulders, and my wife carried our 9-mo-old in a carrier on her back.

We parked at the jeep trail just south of the UT-ID state line. A sign says no motorized travel on the jeep trail. There is a drop from there down to the creek, and then the rather steep jeep (or shall we say sheep) trail begins. The dirt and gravel is so loose from the range animals on the trail that a person is better off just bushwhacking all the way up.

Found the register in one of three cairns at the north end of the summit plateau. Saw names of the Martins, Jobe Wymore, the infamous Bob Packard, and more. Not much room left on the register - the next summiteer should probably take a little more register paper along. Nice clear day - could see Naomi to the west. Bear Lake was transfixing as usual.

Bushwhacked all the way down - much better!