San Juan County High Point Trip Report

Mount Peale

Date: September 25, 2003
Author: Scott Patterson

Briefly, here's the best route to Peale in the winter. You will need to read the topo map.

Drive the Lasal Mountain loop to the Geyser Pass Road. Turn right on the Geyser Pass Road and follow it to the plowed parking lot just before the junction with the Gold Basin Road.

Ski or snowshoe the Gold Basin Road a short distance to the northwest ridge of peak 12,271. Peak 12,271 at UTM zone 12 (653775 E, 4257566 N) is your objective (NAD27 datum). This will be the toughest part of the climb, getting on the steep ridge and to Peak 12,271. I would advise and ice axe and crampons. Make sure to stay on a ridge to avoid any avalanche danger.

Once on peak 12,271, follow the ridge south to Peale. You can also get there from Tukunikivatz, by climbing Tuk's north ridge, but this is a much tougher route. You could also climb Menenthin on the same trip, but you have to be really fit to do this in a day; just getting to Peale will be more than enough for most people on a day climb. The Gold Basin Route is the easiest route of Peale in winter and is easier than skiing or snowshoeing all the way up the Lasal Creek Road.