Sanpete County Highpoint Trip Report

South Tent Mountain (11,285 ft)

Date: July 2, 2004
Authors: Charlie and Diane Winger

Be advised that the access to this peak can easily be blocked in either direction by snow or mud at any time of the year. After driving for an hour and a half from the south, we encountered an impassable snowdrift on Skyline Drive and were forced to backtrack to the town of Ephraim on US-89 and approach the peak from that direction. Even the Ephraim approach presented its difficulties.

Approximately 15 miles up the road from Ephraim there is a severely washed out spot on Skyline Drive. We scraped our way through this spot only to rip the engine guard off the Subaru Outback at a rutted, water-filled section of road a little further on. High clearance, 4WD would have been the vehicle of choice for this part of our journey. When wet, these roads look like they could be something out of your worst nightmare!

We parked near some trees on a road (FR5) which leaves Skyline Drive and heads toward South Tent Mountain. This is a popular OHV road.

Just follow the OHV road to a point "in front of" the peak, then turn and work your way up to the summit. We found numerous animal trails and clearings that helped us avoid any serious bushwhacking. Our GPS registered 11,300 feet at the highpoint.