Sevier County Highpoint Trip Report

Fish Lake Hightop

Date:June 21, 2004
Author: Ken Jones

unpublished route

From the junction of UT routes 24 and 25, head north about 3-1/2 miles on UT 25. At this point (just past a radio tower on your right) there are a pair of dirt roads heading off to your left. Both are signed to Hancock Flat in 6 miles. Take the left, lower one (it starts by going downhill) for 6.1 miles to the flat, and continue to the 6.5 mile mark (excellent gravel road to here). Turn right on a road signed for Fishlake Hightop.

Follow this road (still passenger-sedan passable) another 2.4 miles (total 8.9 from Highway 25). At this point a rough and in spots very steep 4WD road heads up toward the plateau. We dragged a 2WD vehicle up this about a mile but don't recommend doing so. At the junction at 8.9 miles, you are about 3.5 miles from and 1100 feet below the summit.

Follow the jeep road to where it intersects the previously published routes and go from there. Alternatively, with high clearance and 4WD you can drive the jeep road up onto the plateau to above 10,400 feet and just hike the last cross-country section.

Note that the right road off UT 25, via Na-Gah Flat, is definitely not recommended. We spent a couple of hours trying it, and didn't get through the rough spots in Doctor Canyon.