Tooele County High Point Trip Report

Deseret Peak

Date: June 21, 2003
Author: Ben Knorr

I went on a cool rainy day (raining in the valley), and wasn't sure if I'd have to turn back because lightning, snow, or whatever else might discourage me from hiking. The road to the campground had some big rocks in it, but I navigated my Beetle up to the end of the road at the parking lot by the trail. By the lower campgrounds, I was in the clouds, also which time the rain stopped.

I hiked up the trail in the clouds and didn't emerge until I got up to a rocky cirque below the saddle near the peak. I met up with some other hikers with black labs who asked me not to advertise this mountain to anyone else in Salt Lake City. Done.

I proceeded on to the top of the saddle, and had one of the most amazing views on any hike yet: a view across the cloud-tops, and the wind blowing the cloud up the cirque in my direction. Just amazing. The wind was blowing from everywhere on the ridge, but it wasn't too bad. I encountered a little snow between the saddle and the peak, but had no problems with it. The cliffs to the east of the summit came into view eventually, and once I reached the summit, the clouds were back and I couldn't see much in any direction. I hung out in a wind shelter for about half an hour, waiting for the clouds to blow off, but they never got much better than slightly broken to the west. I saw a couple hawks circling to the west, and tons of Mormon crickets lying all over the place. It must have been below 32F with wind chill, so they were not moving much.

After deciding I didn't have enough clothing to happily wait the clouds out, I descended and saw two deer in a meadow on my way out. Overall, I was impressed with how green the entire hike was. There are plenty of Aspen down low, then a lot of coniferous trees mixed in going higher up to the saddle. I'd do this one again.