Uintah County High Point Trip Report

USGS BM Eccentric (12,276 ft)

Date: August 16, 1999
Author: Andy Martin

We took a long dirt road in to the trailhead, and camped at one of the many nice bush camps in the area. A new bridge is in place just south of Chepeta Lake, and all vehicles should be able to get to the trailhead at the Chepeta Lake dam. This point is marked "P" on page 42 of the "High In Utah" [HIU] book by Michael Weibel and Dan Miller.

From the parking area we hiked an old road north across the Moccasin Lake dam, up to Papoose Lake, and then east across the Papoose Lake dam. Next we went almost due east, climbing a talus hill smaller than that shown on page 44 of HIU. Head east till the main divide is reached, then NE to the HP, which is easily identified by the stone shelter and BM. The very top is not as flat as I'd expected. The Chepeta BM is easily found about 500' ENE.

I placed a soda can "register" in the rocks near the HP. No registers were found on the first 7 peaks we visited, so I got to leave lots of these, which are just the Utah county list in a baggie stuffed in a soda can. Bring a pencil if you want to sign in.

We had plenty of time left in the day, which we wasted trying to drive up Twin Peaks from the south, before finally heading on to Deseret Peak. On the drive to Deseret we passed rock climbers at the Upper Narrows, and the belayer was right on the dirt road. This has to be one of the laziest hikes to any cliff, though the climb up the overhanging crag is impressive.