Uintah County Highpoint Trip Report

Eccentric Peak

Date: August 28, 2004
Author: Matt Flitton

We followed the direction in High in Utah to the trailhead, going through Whiterock. While I wouldn't necessarily advise it, it is reachable in a VW Jetta without trauma.

We started our hike Saturday (Aug 28) around 8 a.m. Lake Chipewa and Mocassin Lake are really low. We scrambled up the talus slope by Mocassin Lake. When we got to the top we found a trail you can take by going to the southern end of the talus field.

It was an easy walk up to the summit but it was cold. Even with all our gear we started shivering when we stopped. Beautiful view of King's Peak (this weekend's goal).

On the way down we decided to cross another talus field rather than go through the meadow. It's a good thing we did, there were two bull moose and a cow eating in the willows. Didn't want to bug them.

On the return trip we took the trail down past the talus field. Much easier and definitely worth the search.