Utah County Highpoint Trip Report

Mount Nebo

Date: July 29, 2004
Author: Ron Mangelson

We followed the Roach route and found it to be much easier than the Andrews Ridge route (about half the elevation gain and half the distance). There is a good trail all the way and we never had to cross the fence that is mentioned in the Roach report. We also found it to be harder than a "breeze", taking us about 6 hours to complete (1/2 hour on top). We found the Roach report to be quite accurate. We followed the Andrews Ridge route 5 years ago and it took us 11 hours to complete that route.

Most of the north route is class 1, with the last 1/4 mile being class 2 if one chooses the path wisely. Else frequent use of hands going up the loose talus suggests some short class 3 sections.

I measured 8.9 miles round trip using my GPS. This must be a little known route because we didn't see any other hikers outside of our group. Also, there were no signs indicating that this is the trail to Mount Nebo. It was a very enjoyable hike with great views and plenty of wild flowers.