Washington County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 8, 2001
Author: Ron Mangelson

There are two routes listed in the guide book, "Hiking Utah's Summits" by Paula Huff and Tom Wharton. We took the route from Oak Grove campground nine miles from Leeds, UT. The trail is quite steep (about 3,400 feet elevation gain in the first three miles) and hot in the lower elevation, so I suggest getting an early morning start.

Just after the start the trail splits into two trails. Make sure you take the "Pine Valley Mountain - 3 miles" trail. We took the more traveled and more obvious trail and two hours later made it back to the right trail. When we made it to the ridge the trail became less distinct especially with many snow banks to pass through.

We recommend taking along a map and compass. They came in very handy when it was hard to follow the trail. The trip took nine hours to complete with an hour break. Also keep a look out for snakes, we saw a large rattlesnake on the lower part of the mountain.