Wayne County High Point Trip Report

Bluebell Knoll (11,317 ft)

Date: November 7, 2001
Authors: Jennifer and Gerry Roach

We are convinced that many of these highpoints get the hiker into interesting terrain where they might not chose to go otherwise. Such was the case with this particular highpoint. It is situated on the Aquarius Plateau, in central Utah, a state that has several of these huge, high plateaus, which add to the beauty to the state.

This highpoint is a "quickie." The hike takes only 10 to 20 minutes, but the drive takes a few hours. The driving instructions in Dan Miller and Mike Weibel's book "High in Utah" are very accurate. Do the following to reach the jumping off point for Bluebell Knoll:

From Bicknell, Utah drive east on Utah Hwy. 24 for 2.5 miles, and then turn right (east) on a paved road. Drive 3.8 miles to a junction where you will see signs about "Kings Ranch" and "Bouldertop." Turn right toward Bouldertop. Go 3.6 miles to a road split, and take the left fork. Drive 0.7 mile, find FS Road 178 and follow it 12.8 miles to a gate and a sign about the road being closed from October 31 to June 15. Continue up onto the Aquarius Plateau for 3.2 more miles, and look for the typical brown and tan information signs indicating Bluebell Knoll. Park here at 11,177 feet.

Hike due north for 122 feet to the top of the hill situated directly above the information sign. The summit has a cluster of boulders, a metal pole, and a register. The views are expansive, although we did this hike in the very last light, and a snowstorm to boot. It was still fun, however, and we enjoyed the adventure of it all. The road to the parking spot is excellent, and can be done by a 2WD vehicle in dry weather.

If you choose to do this hike in November, as we did, it would bode well to call the Dixie National Forest/Teasdale Ranger District to see if the road is still open. Although the sign at the closure gate indicates an Oct. 31 closing date for the road, the Forest Service had not yet locked the gate for the winter due to a dry fall season. No doubt, the USFS locked the gate the next day, and we were the last drive up summiters of Bluebell Knoll for the season!

The number to call at the Teasdale Ranger District is (435) 425-3702 (Monday to Friday).