Wayne County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: July 15, 2006
Author: Scott Surgent

I left home at 4 am. It was 98 degrees outside - I was only too happy to be getting out of the smothering heat for a few days. Ten hours and 550 miles later I was in Wayne County and Bluebell Knoll.

I followed High in Utah (HIU) and made the HP with no trouble. On the way out, I followed the road net directly back to Loa. This saves about 15 miles round trip (to/from Loa, rather than via Bicknell).

If interested: Where UT-24 turns from south to east in Loa, follow a paved road south for 2 miles. Where that road makes a sharp turn east, turn south onto a dirt road. It's a well-maintained BLM road and meets up with the HIU directions after 9 miles. A treat is a tour through some wildly eroded boulders along the way.