Weber County High Point Trip Report

Willard Peak (9,763 ft)

Date: August 18, 1999
Author: Andy Martin

Willard Peak was even better than expected, with a fine looking summit block, a free campground in Willard Basin, and a wonderful night-time view at nearby Inspiration Point.

We drove in on the Willard Peak road from the north. Dub Bludworth claims to have bounced a passenger car in to Willard Basin on this road. My advice - never by a used car from Dub! The southern part of the road is harrowing for a 2wd pickup, and a passenger car will have trouble just getting to the saddle SW of Black Mountain, even though DeLorme shows this part as an "improved" road. We need to get Mr. DeLorme to take his Mercedes on this "improved" road, and then ask him if DeLorme really means "lost" in French?

In any case, Guy and I parked the Mitsi on hill 9,280+, between Willard Mountain and Willard Peak. Starting here a trail and use route lead us to the top. The BM is dated 1938, with the highest rock just to the NW. A big crack splits the peak, and the eastern slice may slide off in the distant future. The steep west drop down to I-15 is impressive, the trucks can sometimes be heard in a light west wind. On the hike up to Willard a rock cabin foundation for the Eldorado Mine can be seen a few hundred feet down this drop.

We camped just off Willard Mountain, and later enjoyed a spectacular evening view of Ogden from the top. It reminded me of night time plane flights into desert cities. By the way, the radio tower here is gone.