Weber County High Point Trip Report

Willard Peak (9,763 ft)

Date: June 23, 2001
Author: Dale Millsap

The access road from Mantua is in excellent condition. We drove to Perry Reservoir, about seven miles from the summit. We left the truck there and rode bicycles. (We could have easily driven to Willard Basin, just below the peak, or even to Inspiration Point, but that would have spoiled our adventure.) We took a little longer route on the bikes so we could take in Inspiration Point. A poor jeep trail continued for another 1/4 mile, and a single track beyond that, to just below the rock scramble where we stashed the bikes.

Another ten minutes had us on top. We used our water-bottle level to determine which rock was highest, and took turns balancing on top of it. Views all around are great, especially the shear side to the west.

Upon returning to the bikes, I rode all the way out to Mantua, arriving several minutes before my brothers in the truck. Time from summit back to Mantua was 30 minutes.