Seven Utah Counties in-a-day Trip Report

Date: July 12, 2003
Author: James Wedekind

Beehive Blitzkrieg

After weeks of reconnaissance and careful planning to incorporate adequate night lighting (ie. full moon) the 4th Wedekind Army launched an assault upon the unsuspecting counties of UT.

Major General Jessica Wedekind coordinated the logistics and guaranteed that all ground forces were adequately briefed and transportaion was fully fueled for this ground breaking assault. Upon Col James Wedekind's arrival from parts unknown the 4th Wedekind Army advanced out of Roy, UT towards the enemy scouts located near Monument Peak in Carbon County.

The scouts were quickly overwhelmed along with Monument Peak just after midnight on 12 July. From there the 4th Wedekind Army chased the retreating scouts up East Mountain in Emery county and finally dealt the deciding blow atop South Tent Mtn in Sanpete County (Left a Ragu jar w/matchox for a register). By this time the morning sun had risen and the element of surprise was lost.

A known enemy concentration was surrounded near Mine Camp Peak of Millard County and eventually eliminated after a tiring drive that ended within artillery range of the summit. The next enemy encampment was located near Cedar Breaks NM and was fully entrenched near the summit of Brian Head Peak. Some smooth talking allowed us to approach Brian Head Peak through the throngs of Mtn bike racers and we eventually were able to chase the combatants off of the summit towards Kane County. The chase continued through Kane County and the enemy was difficult to locate along an invisible county line. Eventually we encountered a small contingent near the Andy Martin- built cairn. Despite resistance the enemy succumbed to our pressure and the cairn was ours.

The last known active county defenders were located near Bluebell Knoll of Wayne County. The 4th Wedekind Army advanced slowly towards Wayne County, obviously worn out by the long day of battle. After 20 some miles of dirts roads they established camp and approached the summit of Bluebell Knoll. Time was quickly running out. Where was the National Forest Bluebell Knoll sign? Finally it appeared on our left. The 4th quickly advanced up the hill and encountered little resistance as they stormed the last known enemy encampment.

The 4th Wedekind Army had finally completed its objective: 7 UT county HPs on 12 July. YIPPEE!!

We've still got a lot of hiking to do before UT is complete, but this trip was a lot of fun and put a big dent into the UT counties!