Albemarle County High Point Trip Report

Big Flat Mtn - USGS BM (3,389 ft)

Date: February 26, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

Garner/Lobdell reports are still valid. The road to the campground is gated from early November to the weekend before Memorial Day, requiring a 1.6 mile hike up the road and 560' gain. I entered the Skyline Drive from US 33, 15 miles north of the side road. At the entrance station I spoke with the head enforcement ranger, Rick Childs, about unlocking the gate, and he agreed. He led me to the side road, unlocked the gate, and allowed me to drive up to the campground and high point at the water tanks, while he patrolled the area. He left the gate "false-locked," with the hasp not secured, and I was able to let myself out and false-lock the gate behind me.