Alexandria City Highpoint Trip Report

Date: July 5, 2000
Author: Roy Wallen

The highpoint is in the area of big houses in Piney Court but, on field inspection, appears to be on the property of the Epicopal High School. To get there, take the King Road exit from I-395 and proceed east. At the traffic light at Quaker Road, turn right (south) and proceed immediately over Braddock Road to the entrance to the school. Turn right (west into the long driveway and make your way to the sports fields. Parking is at the Greenway flagpole.

Walk west past the tennis courts to the fence (10 feet of chain link) and proceed north along the fence line. The fence takes aright-angle west into the woods. Following the fence line further, Piney Court can be seen on the south side of the fence. The highpoint appears to be in the woods to the north of the fence. I walked around, and through a lot of cobwebs, to make sure I got to the highpoint.