Alleghany County Highpoint Trip Report

Big Knob (4,072 ft)

Date: October 19, 2006
Author: Michael Schwartz

Previous reports will get you to the trailhead. Use Don Desrosiers' mileage figures.

At the saddle between Bald and Big Knobs, there is not much left of the ribbons described by Bob Packard in 2002. I saw at most a half-dozen, faded of color, and soon to be history. However, it's easy to follow the ridge route and a collection of use or game paths helps a lot. Don's strategy of keeping to your right (the north side of the ridge) will let you avoid almost all the thick stuff until you are due north and no more than 200 horizontal feet from the summit. From there, I first crashed and crawled my way to the large evergreen tree that I assume is the one mentioned by Bob. Then I worked my way less than 100 feet east to the cairn, which I believe sits on highest ground.

Time up 2:00; down 1:30.