Amherst County Highpoint Trip Report

Dates: April 10-11, 2004
Author: Roy Schweiker

Mt Pleasant

The short spur to the trailhead had some deep ruts and passenger cars should park at the junction or back at the AT crossing. The trail location on the map at the trailhead is wrong, particularly as regards to the Mount Pleasant spur which has many switchbacks to the col, and the distances on trail signs disagree with each other and with those in previous reports. I estimate the whole trip including spur under 6 miles with the loop sides roughly similar, I did it clockwise so as to come back on the easy grade in case it got dark before I finished. I did not find any BM on Mount Pleasant, but just before the West Outlook branch drops to the viewpoint, there is a nail in a rock in the brush to the left and what may be a chiseled square in a rock in the brush to the right.

Rocky Mtn

Road not graded recently and may not be suitable for passenger cars, but the upper part wasn't noticeably worse than the lower part.

If you approach via Roads 605/633 instead of Coffeytown Road (634), you pass Statons Creek Falls which cannot be observed well from the car.