Amherst County Highpoint Trip Report

Rocky Mtn, Bald Knob, and Mt Pleasant

Dates: March 25-26, 2005
Author: Don Desrosiers

Previous directions to Rocky Mountain will get you there easily enough. However, when you go, remember the first fork at 1.6 miles. You MUST come back to this point. Do not be fooled by the maps and signs. Wiggins Spring Road is gated on both ends. This is noted on the National Geographic Map (#789) but from the Salt Log Gap side it does not become painfully obvious until you have driven around the corner and must back up for a good quarter of a mile.

For Mount Pleasant and Bald Knob, retrace your path back to the 1.6-mile point and turn left onto Wiggins Spring Road (reasonable road but no pavement). Drive 2.8 miles to Hog Camp Gap (small parking area just past the crest) or continue another 4/10 mile to the larger parking area for Mount Pleasant (well marked).

Bald Knob -- From Hog Camp Gap, note the good woods road to the right of the AT. It is the "mower access road" for Cole/Cold (and the old AT). Follow this road as far as you can and avoid the highest reaches of Cole/Cold. When it ends, stay on the AT, descending into Cow Camp Gap before heading up to Bald Knob. The top is somewhat flat, although as Fred Lobdell noted, the boulders appear to contain the highest point.

From here you have a couple of options.

Head back to Hog Camp Gap via the AT -- not difficult but it's been done -- or at Cow Camp Gap head east on the blue blazed "Old Hotel Trail". There is an AT shelter 6/10 mile down the trail where the dogs and I spent the night. Continue on this good trail and in 3 miles you come to the Mount Pleasant parking area noted above. This is slightly longer than going back over Cole/Cold but has less climbing.

Mount Pleasant -- From the Mount Pleasant Trails parking area, take the Henry Lanum Trail either left or right. It is a 5.2 mile circuit and Mount Pleasant is 2.6 miles, so it doesn't really matter which way you go. Pay attention to the blue blazes and don't miss the side trail to the actual summit. I think there are views but it was a bit foggy.