Appomattox County High Point Trip Report

Kyles Mtn

Date: June 7, 2001
Author: Mike Stinson

The top of this highpoint can be reached using logging roads from either east or west, but after investigating both sides I found the approach from the east to be more direct. Apparently much of the mountain is owned by timber companies.

Reach the junction of state route 724 and Virginia route 24 about nine miles northeast of the town of Appomattox (and several miles from Appomattox Court House National Historical Park, where Lee surrendered to Grant). From the junction, take state route 724 generally northward about 1.9 miles from VA highway 24. A logging road turns left in a clear-cut here and heads downhill and into a wooded area. A road sign (blue, but facing the other way as you approach from the south) marks the spot. Unless you're driving a 4WD it's best to park here and walk. With a 4WD, the entire route could be driven, but part of it has the potential to be rather muddy. I drove about halfway and had lots of mud to wash off later.

Follow the logging road downhill, enter the woods, cross a low spot where the road crosses a small stream drainage, then head uphill. At the ridge crest, an older, more shaded logging road turns right and heads into the woods. Take this right and follow the old logging road to the top of Kyles Mountain. You pass two lesser 'summits' along the way. After the second of these, you pass a clear-cut on the left and enjoy some nice views to the west. Just beyond the spot where the road re-enters the forest is the highpoint, just off the trail. It isn't marked in any way.

Estimated distance is a little over a mile each way from route 724. I made the walk easily in an hour, including time to stop and look at some birds and take a few pictures.