Buckingham County High Point Trip Report

Spears Mtn (1,604 ft)

Date: June 6, 2002
Authors: Ryan Bowles and Dale Millsap

Mike Schwartz's trip report is no longer entirely valid. The dirt road he took to the summit area is now gated, and is no longer the shortest way to the summit.

Instead, reset your odometer at the intersection of US 60 and SR 604. Go north on 604. At 1.4 miles, turn west on 607, a good dirt road. You will pass the paved, gated road to the summit with a big "No Trespassing" sign at 3.0 miles. Continue on 607, past a gated gravel road on the right, and turn right on the next dirt road at 3.3 miles. Either park here, or continue on the rutted logging road until you chicken out. Four wheel drive high-clearance vehicles should be able to make it the entire way. We drove a little past the small cemetery (3.4 miles) and stopped at a pullout just before a nasty rutted section of road (3.6 miles).

Continue on foot on the road to a junction (1/4 mile or less). Take the right fork. Take this 3/4 mile to a gate. At the gate, we turned uphill (left) and bushwhacked to the fence. At this point, we went through a very obvious break in the fence, then followed the fence line to the right, past two corners of the fence, then turned uphill through what once was an electric powered security fence, and is now inactive, to the summit area.

This area is somewhat broad, and the grass is waist high, which makes for an interesting game of "find the high spot." The facilities/bunkers are fascinating from the outside. Despite the fences, there is little reason to worry about trespassing. All the equipment is gone, and it was clear that humans are doing nothing on the mountain other than trespassing. We did not enjoy the views as much as Mike, because of haziness and an oncoming thunderstorm.